Saturday, 18 December 2010

That was fun !

After completing my photo-shopped images, and all the research for the study, I can say that this unit has been my favourite since starting college.
I've seen so many friends and artists use photo-shop, I also to some extent in high school, but through this brief I have learnt to use it in different ways. For example, I only ever used the programme to edit photographs, yet now I know how to improve my drawings using simple tools within this programme.
My "Bridgets Back" piece was my favourite as I used layering effects to add a variety of textures to my piece, and it was the one piece of work I created that clearly used traditional and contemporary styles together.

Photo-shop has hundreds of tools, therefore to improve further I need to practice using it more often to further my skills, also by taking more time with the pieces I edit, I'd achieve a more professional finish.
I also really enjoyed the research part of this unit, as I was able to look into a mixture of areas in the fashion industry and see how widely used computers are in every job.
The best thing of all about this unit, was using the blog. It makes things very easy to stay on track of, and is very easy to add too. Using my blog for this unit has definitely made me see how much more practical it is as opposed to a hand kept journal. And I now want to keep on top of my blogging and post more regularly.

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