Monday, 13 December 2010

A Blog about ... Blogs

Many designers communicate with their clientele and fan base through the use of Blogs/Facebooks/Twitters. By designers using these they make themselves more available to different audiences, as well as being able to update clients easier than having to send out promotions and newsletter by post or e-mail. Blogs are usually used as the more formal and detailed internet use, whereas the twitter and Facebook are briefer but reach many more people.

My example of this comes from Christian Louboutin which is linked to the website; it is updated monthly and has about 12,000 followers, whereas the Louboutin twitter page which is updated throughout the day with photos, video links and news stories has over 26,000 followers. However the most successful is the Facebook page which has 414,000 likes, I think this is because Facebook is such a popular social networking choice and the posts that the page does are always relevant and interesting.

However I do admit I think I still prefer the updates coming through the letterbox, as receiving a beautifully printed card or brochure from Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood or Jo Malone is just a little more exciting than scrolling down your screen.

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