Monday, 28 March 2011

A desperate plea to anyone that reads my blog !!!

It's not often I have problems when it comes to shopping ... HOWEVER, the high street aren't doing me justice this season !!!

I have one of my best friends birthdays coming up and have been searching for a dress every lunch break possible, working in Manchester you would think I'd of found half a dozen by now, but the only dress I've seen is £125 !!! and thats before matching shoes and clutch bag !

Everything is in awful colours, cheap fabrics and lazy embellishment especially Topshop, River Island and Lipsy. So this is my last ditch attempt for help.

My usual style is quite structured, neutral colours and preferable short and nipped at the waste. It's a style I'am sticking with as I feel it suits my shape and me as a person best. I'm looking to spend no more than £70 so anyone that can help I would be sooooooo grateful.

Here are some pictures of my favourite dresses, to give a better idea of the style I'm looking for !!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dress full of flowers

After my first experiments on photo-shop yesterday to make my bouquet surrealism pieces, I have continued this evening to create two more.

I think these illustrations work really well with black and white images as it really makes the floral detail stand out. Compared to the last two samples, I have used more posed models to try and create a more realistic image. This makes it slightly more difficult as I have to shape the image so it doesn't look as though the image is just copy and pasted together

In my opinion the above has worked particularly well as the background of the image makes a much more interesting image. I think to improve further I should try adding font and maybe printing out and adding more media, possibly embroidery.

Monday, 21 March 2011

My Mums favourite piece of my work !?!

Slightly strange post, but these photo-shop pieces are the result of my research into Salvador Dali. He is famous for his surrealism style of art work. Surrealism art uses the element of surprise, with objects in the wrong places or being used in the wrong way.

Using photo-shop I have created my own kind of surrealism art inspired by Dali but in a more modern way.

I got my idea from my Mums floristry magazines, as they always contain really big colourful hand-ties. This is ideally how my collection will look, therefore I have combined fashion photography with full photographs of bouquets. By cropping resizing and using the lasso tool I have been able to keep the shapes and use them to look like real garments.

The element of surprise is that when you look at the image you are able to see the model is actually wearing the hand-tie.
This is my favourite piece of work I'm yet to create using photo-shop, I believe it's worked really well. I am thinking of using this technique for one of my promotional boards for my current brief.
My mum especially likes these images and has agreed to make me up some hand-ties in my specific colour scheme, to create more of these images.Check Spelling

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nina Ricci advert

Quite simply had to post this advert up, as it goes so well with my ultra girly feminine flower theme, the colours are perfect, and i feel that just from watching the advert you can tell the perfume is very sweet and sugary in scent. The blossom tree part of the advert also really depicts my falling blossom skirt. It really is one of my favourite perfume adverts !

window surfing ?

In desperate search of a party outfit for this summer, I happened to come across some really good website designs. Web layout is a huge promotion technique in fashion as it can really capture peoples attention and the higher the quality the more a customer is intrigued to look into the website further.

The first I came across was Kurt Geiger.
This welcome page draws on fashions current key colour trends, hot pink and cobalt blue, as well as using a 3D technique with the bird wing which is also a huge trend in cinema at the moment. By having a image as current as this its shows the company is also current and on trend which will impress customers and hopefully make them want to buy.

The second I looked at was French Connection, (mainly as I love pretty much all their summer range) although not as arty and colourful as KG, the web page is very clear and shows the brands concepts well. It will appeal to a wide range of customers too. As it has a collection of images all featuring different styles, meaning there is more chance you will see at least 1 thing you like.

This is the home page for ladies-wear and Reiss, I particularly liked this one as it is SO simplistic. White and Neutrals are huge for S/S and this shows that perfectly. Also by the "click to shop" link it makes achieving that style seem very quick and easy to do. I do also love the photography on this and their use of model as she also looks very natural and not overly airbrushed.

Lastly I looked at the Thomas Sabo website. Their website is greatly relevant to our current project as it uses illustration within the layout. For each themed set of charms a character is illustrated in that same theme this creates a really interesting website to look through. It also somehow makes the themes seem more alive and real. My favourite aspect however is the colour scheme , how everything is coloured in black and white and then just small injections of colour are made into the illustration or come from the jewellery images themselves.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Using Lettering

I am about to start creating my illustration boards to display my collection. I keep having the idea of using font but I'am not quite sure how to do so.
I have however found a Louboutin shop window, which looks really good, proving the fact that the lettering does have a really bold effect.
Font is a huge part of promotion as all advert contain it as does packaging so it is important to get it right to promote my collection properly.

The Oscars - Worst dressed

Scarlett Johansson wore this lace detail custom made Dolce&Gabbana , I rarely criticise D&G but this dress was horrific, the colour the shape the fabric. YUK!
She then added bad costume jewellery and scruffy hair, before the ultimate sin of covering up her Louboutins with the dress !!!
Why hide such amazing shoes woman !!!

The Oscars - Best dressed

Had to blog about the Oscars !
After looking at all the dresses on yesterday I have picked my favourite, ( very hard as they were fab this year) .

Hilary Swank wore the most amazing Gucci Première silver textured dress.
The dress has a heavily beaded silver bodice and just below the hip kicked out into a fringe feathered mermaid skirt. Both the spotlights and camera flashes really caught the dress and really made it sparkle. She teamed the dress with silver clutch and strappy Jimmy Choos.
She looked Gorgeousssssssssss !

Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb

This is the Television commercial to advertise the new Viktor and Rolf perfume.
The perfume is fairly simple in packaging, pale pink and black with the V&R seal logo.
The advert is also very simple, with elegant swirling patterns and floating fabrics to create a floral theme almost like petals and leaves. The advert is in black and white which makes the perfume bottle at the end in pink stand out more.

This is the advert campaign for the perfume found in magazines and billboards, irt still has the elegant flow of the advert yet draws more on the coulours used in the packaging.