Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bridgets Back

This is my own fashion illustration, again inspired by my shoe theme. I took an image from Hello magazine of Victoria Beckham and drew a rough version I then also added a drawing of my favourite Louboutin shoe " Bridgets Back" (taken from the kylie video).
I have again cleaned the image up by correcting colour levels, with this image I needed the white to be bright as, i wanted the sketch of Victoria to stand out.

I have used the Clone stamp again to take the effect of gold mirror, for the platform and heel of the shoe, I also used a a simple fill tool to give the Louboutin it's crimson soul.
Again using the Clone stamp tool, I copied the pattern from the real shoe to fill in my drawing. I'am really happy with the overall look of the shoe as it looks quite realistic... but not as beautiful as the real thing.

.louboutin bridget's back
Finally, I added a background behind my sketch, I did this by making a transparent layer and cloning a picture of The Eiffel Tower into it. I chose the Eiffel Tower as its iconic to Paris, which is where Louboutin originated.

I'am really pleased with the final outcome on this piece as i think the layered effect works really well, my favourite part is the shoe as the cloning worked really well.
I'am also pleased that i managed to combine the drawing with photography, which is what interested me most when researching artists earlier in the brief. I think this is my one piece that really shows both Traditional and Contemporary art. As the sketch of Mrs Beckham is a simple drawing yet the shoe is mainly digitally produced.

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