Thursday, 30 September 2010

My Girls got the moooovveess

Whilst also visiting the TATE, my girlie's decided to get there groove on !
In the exhibition on modern contemporary sculpture, a complete 70's disco set has been applied by artist DLA Piper. It includes multi-coloured lit dance floor, mirror balls, dramatic lighting and is surrounded by full length mirrors. By using lighting in this way the effect of more space is created making dancers feel like they have more room.

Wireless headphones were provided on entering the exhibit where it was possible to listen to 70's disco music and use the facilities to dance themselves . The girls jumped at the chance to show off their moves as well as bringing back some John Travolta moves, however to onlookers it looked very similar to a silent rave. Which made me wonder whether the artist was trying to create 2 contrasting styles of dancing.

Andy Warhol

On Tuesday we went to the TATE in Liverpool. My favourite exhibition I have ever seen in the TATE was the Andy Warhol, even the room and space in which it was set was amazing to see with all the bright colours that he used so often in his work.

Unfortunately this time there was only one piece of his work, this was the Campbell's Black Bean soup can .
The reason I am interested in Warhol as an artist is because of the way his pieces look amongst other art. The use of bright colour always makes them stand out and makes the eye focus on them. He also used simple objects and shapes meaning his work is not confusing to look at.

My favourite piece of Warhol is his pop art piece of a pink and yellow cow. this is because the colours really clash and therefore make the small darker details on the cow itself stand out and show the entire piece of more.

Monday, 20 September 2010

The Mad Hatters Wedding

This is the wedding I helped my Mum with this weekend. The Bride was having a outdoor wedding and a setting in a Chinese top tent. On the tables she wanted vintage teacups, saucers and teapots filled with fresh flowers .

By 6 o'clock yesterday evening we had filled over 50 pieces of china that completely filled our work table. I photographed this as it reminded me so much of "The Mad Hatters Tea Party".

I think the way the Bride had the idea to included a childhood memory as part of her wedding, was quite poetic as to a woman, your wedding day is what you always dream of as a little girl.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wearing animals in a whole new way

Lady Gaga has produced some amazing outfits for the last 3 years at the VMA awards. As soon as I woke up this morning the main pictures on the news and papers were all of Lady Gaga’s strangest outfit yet!!!

I know fur is a HUGE trend right now but last night GaGa took wearing animals to a whole new level by covering herself it cuts of meat.

The un-cooked steak dress is by Argentinian designer Franc Fernandez and is also complete with platform boots wrapped in raw streaky bacon.

Gaga's reasoning behind the bizarre outfit, comes from her recent involvement in the gay rights movement in the US, her statement was 'If we don't stand up for what we believe in, we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones.'

I admire her confidence in wearing such a outfit as it could of potentially upset many people such as PETA members and Vegetarians or Vegans. I also admire the way the designer had come up with the idea to use such a strange material as well as making accessories to match.

Whilst reading the article I also realised Gaga had worn another of these meat garments on the cover of Japanese Vogue.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

She's not just a W.A.G

Have you seen Victoria Beckham's s/s 2011 collection ! It is my favourite collection so far at new york fashion week, I want every single dress even the purple ones which is usually a colour I hate, but I'm sure if Mrs Beckhams wearing it so will half of the population !

And as if not to contradict her super skinny image, her collection was based on curves and the womanly figure. For example dresses that accentuated the waist, hip or bust and she also used more vibrant colours than her last 2 collection using oranges and purples instead of the usual svelte and slimming black she is so well known for.

As well in the change in Beckham's colour palette she has moved away from her more obvious looking pencil shape with draping and thicker fabrics to add shape or the opposite and using thinner fabrics to make them cling and again show a womanly silhouette, I particularly liked the silver lame maxi dress as it falls very elegantly.
However it was still good to see the odd tiny cinched in waist and trademark Victoria sun glasses and re-invented outfits she's worn in previous years

My Mum as my inspiration !!!

Whether its the 12 hour day at work or the 3 glasses of champagne Ive had this evening I can't get this idea out of my head.

I've spent near enough my entire summer at my Mums beautiful,gorgeous marvelous, amazing shop in Heswall on the Wirral were she is a florist. As this summer has progressed I have become more and more interested in flowers and the skill that my Mum shows in every hand-tie and buttonhole she does. The colours, textures, shape and scents of the flowers she has been using have been giving me so many dress idea its unbelievable . I have not had one idea flow as easy as this one in a long time and I believe some of my dress design ideas are very strong and its all thanks to my Mum ! how much closer to home can inspiration get than this !!

As soon as I have my scanner up and running I'll upload some of my flower inspired dresses for you to have a peek at.

Also I am very excited as the Mother is slowly teaching me her trade ! she had me doing the wedding flowers with her from 8:30 this morning until just a couple of hours ago ! So maybe my models could be walking the catwalk not only wearing a flower but carrying a small bouquet ;)

some flowers from this weekends wedding

Saturday, 4 September 2010

College work in Anglesey !

Whilst on holiday in Anglesey last weekend we found a fantastic little gallery in the seaside town of Beumaris. The Janet Bell gallery is a cross between a gallery of arts and craft and also sells the work.

My favourite pieces at the gallery were the beautiful ranges of jewellery. My favourite was by a designer called Emma Ginnever, who designs and hand crafts her beautiful silver and gold pieces in her workshop in Cornwall, her pieces are inspired by nature and her dreams as a child, which made me think again about my idea for a childhood based collection. She is said to give her collections a fairy tail like theme and she is often commissioned to make one off bridal pieces to accompany wedding dresses. I purchased a piece of this gorgeous jewellery as a gift for my mum, she also loves things inspired by nature and flowers as she is a florist, the collection we both particularly liked was the insect collection as without the use of colour the simple silver butterflies and dragonflies still looked magical and lifelike.