Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Carrie Bradshaw

The next image I decided to photoshop was the drawing of Sex & the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker. I chose to draw her as its in keeping with my shoe theme, as she is the Queen of Manolo's !!!

The image obviously needed cleaning up as I used a 4B and 6B pencil which smudged quite heavily . Therefore I adjusted the levels to make the image a lot clearer and brighter.The image is now a lot clearer and looks more like its been drawn in biro or fineliner I also used the Blur tool on the shoulder and bust area to make the finish a little smoother.To define the facial features more. I used the magnetic lasso tool to select both the eyes and lips. I used the water-colour technique to apply colour to the eyes to make them stand out more, I also then sharpened the eyelashes to make them more of a feature. For the lips I used the smudge stick filter tool as it just separated them from the bright white background of the face.To add colour and more texture to my piece I used a opaque water-colour paint brush. Using this effect kept a slight transparent look, and made the pencil lines still show through. I like this effect as it adds a extra layer of texture to the drawing and is the best tool i have come across ro represent hair.

Using the clone stamp I have added a background to my image. By opening the background image in a blank document I was able to clone the pattern from one screen onto the other. I chose to use the Louboutin closet image as it is iconic to the character of Carrie Bradshaw.
I'am really happy with this final image as I feel the drawing looks more professional after being edited and adding the background gives a interesting effect. I think this image would also work well with a New York theme background for my drawing as New York is also iconic to Sex and the City.

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