Saturday, 4 December 2010

Laura Laine

The new college brief is all about how digital techniques can be used within the fashion industry and how they can create different outcomes to what can be achieved by hand.
For example Fashion illustration: modern day Illustrators are now using techniques such as photo-shop to enhance and vary their work as well as being able to layer drawings with photography and create a more interesting piece.
By the end of this brief, the aim is to have a collection of images that we have used CAD with. Therefore I am starting by looking at other fashion illustrators to gather ideas.

Laura Laine is a Finnish fashion illustrator, who uses both hand drawn images, photography and digital techniques to create her beautifully elegant final pieces.

Laura Laine has created many drawings for magazine advertisements such as : GQ, Elle Girl,The New Yorker, NY Times T Magazine and Pap Magazine. As well as creating images for designers such as: Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, ZARA and Escada.
One aspect I think it definitely changed digitally is the background as they are so clean and brightly white, that I don't believe this could be achieved by drawings straight to paper . Also the black lines are very sharp and clean, this could also be achieved through photo-shop.
The above and below are my two favourite images I came across. I think the shades and tones used and the clean lines make the drawings look very elegant and girly. With the above image I also really like how it combines the photograph of the bag with one of Laines characters as it makes you look twice to realize what is actually in the image. The colours from the pencil shading also really compliment the colours in the bag.
My reasons for liking the below image is the style of girls. The elongated legs and long blowing hair makes it look quite fairy-tail-esque. However the burlesque/Jessica Rabbit styling changes the feel of the image completely and gives it a more sexy edge.


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