Saturday, 4 December 2010

Nadia Flower

Nadia Flower is a illustrator/textile designer that I came across during projects last year. She uses subtle pastel colours and curved patterns to create gentle, delicate images.

She has worked with magazines such as Glamour, Nylon and Company as well as creating web layouts for companies such as ASOS.

I believe Flower's uses digital techniques in her work to achieve the beautiful colours she uses as well as achieving the crisp clean lines in the patterns she draws in her work. In pieces like her web layout for ASOS she also included photography layered with her drawings which is another technique that a photo-shop programme is able to do.
She also achieves very clean finishings to block colour which i think may be done by using a filling tool on a design programme.
The below is my favourite piece if Nadia Flowers work. I find it a very interesting piece to look at because evry time you look you notice something different. For example the first time I looked at this image I didn't notice the leopards head or the snake. Also the amount of shapes, lines and colours throughout the image make the drawing look a lot more complex.

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