Monday, 13 December 2010

Perfect Prints

Digital Technology is now also greatly used to create prints and patterns for garments.

For example this season animal prints have been huge !. These prints would be made by finding an initial image, say a photograph of leopard fur, and cleaned up in a programme such as Photo-shop and then tiled repeatedly to create a large piece of print, then using the manufacture techniques from before, added to garments and cut out into fabric.

The pro of using Computers for print design is that it saves time and also gives you alot more choice. You can use photography or a drawn image that is then edited or even make one from scratch. The example I found for this was Alexander Mcqueen's Atlantis collection Jellyfish dresses, which was photography of different areas of a jellyfish, zoomed in to create great detail.

I loved the collection that much I bought the dress ... THE PRINT IS GORGEOUS ! It's detailed and the colours are amazing.

The only downside to using computer for print design is that it is becoming harder to find beautifully hand drawn/painted designs such as those of William Morris, who's prints I thought were so delicate and beautiful.

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