Friday, 10 December 2010

Bec Winnel

Bec Winnel is a artist who I believe uses both traditional and contemporary techniques in her work, which is mainly based upon women with a very feminine girlie feel.

The traditional elements I see in her work is the highly detailed drawing. The drawings look like they would take hours as there is so much attention to detail and tonal shading to show a more life like look. I like this about her work because she is showing how talented she is as her drawing is a main part of her work.

To make her work more current however she also uses digital techniques. It is easy to see this by how smoothly blurred and blended the lines and colours are in the drawing. This creates even more life like structure in her artwork.

The Above is my favourite piece as it almost looks like a photograph that has been faded, the detail in the face is really defined and I especially like the shaded area under the face as it looks really realistic.

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