Tuesday, 14 December 2010

And finally .... Fashion Photography !

My personal favourite area in which digital techniques are used has to be photography, Something that has always interested me was how all the supermodels in vogue would look so amazing and skinny, the answer is Airbrushing. After seeing a professional photographer use an airbrushing tool on his work, I think its one of the best techniques a computer can offer. I find it amazing how a average photograph can turn into an amazing work of art with a high resolution glossy finish. Airbrushing tools can be used for simple things like red eye and making the sky blue, right the way through to completely transforming the shape of a models body. I especially like the work of Vogue photographer Patrick Demarchelier who's use of light effects and contrast levels make his work look really sophisticated.

In my eyes, there is no Cons in Photography's use of airbrushing, however magazines such as Vogue have been regularly criticized for there use of airbrushing their models, as it creates a fake image to the public, which can cause young girls to aim to look a way that is unachievable and cause illness. I am regularly told about this when pouring over the glossy pages of vogue, however I've seen what Kate Moss looks like after a night out, and can realise what is fake and what is not !

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