Monday, 13 December 2010

Gary Fernandez

The complete opposite to Blahnik, Gary Fernandez uses mainly digital techniques in his work. He is a very modern artists who uses a wide variety in every piece of his work to create really eye catching pieces.

Although Fernandez probably plans his work by hand drawings initially, the lines, curvature and colour in his work just don't seem achievable by hand. Therefore I believe he uses not only Photo-shop to enhance his work, but also probably a programme such as Illustrator to create the starting image.

Although this can't be classed as natural talent, I think Fernandez is a very talented artist because just as it takes huge talent to create beautiful hand drawn illustrations, you have to be very skilled to use Photo-shop to this level and it would still be a very time consuming process.
I lurveee the gold colour used in this piece, this is definitely something that would be hard to achieve with a set of watercolours !

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