Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christian David Moore


The reason I like Moore's work so much is because, both the style of his drawings and what he actually draws really relate to my own interests, for example many of his works include famous brands, as well as shoes and make-up !!!

Some of his pieces are very traditional in the way they look like very simple water colour paintings, but at a closer look it is noticeable how clean the images are and how smooth the brush strokes are. Which hints at the aid of photo-shop to make his look just a little more professional.
Watercolours paints and inks are also prone to run and spread when added to a paper surface, which adds a slightly more naturally drawn effect, however it is very clear to see that Moore's backgrounds are bright white. This is probably also achieved by adjusting contrast levels via photo-shop.
This Chanel No.5 drawing I found in Victoria Beckham's book " The extra half an inch", is a good example of how he edits his work digitally for example the text on the drawing has been layered on top of the drawing, as well as the image itself being sharpened to give a more realistic image.

My favourite piece ...Mascara...can save a girls life.

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