Sunday, 12 September 2010

She's not just a W.A.G

Have you seen Victoria Beckham's s/s 2011 collection ! It is my favourite collection so far at new york fashion week, I want every single dress even the purple ones which is usually a colour I hate, but I'm sure if Mrs Beckhams wearing it so will half of the population !

And as if not to contradict her super skinny image, her collection was based on curves and the womanly figure. For example dresses that accentuated the waist, hip or bust and she also used more vibrant colours than her last 2 collection using oranges and purples instead of the usual svelte and slimming black she is so well known for.

As well in the change in Beckham's colour palette she has moved away from her more obvious looking pencil shape with draping and thicker fabrics to add shape or the opposite and using thinner fabrics to make them cling and again show a womanly silhouette, I particularly liked the silver lame maxi dress as it falls very elegantly.
However it was still good to see the odd tiny cinched in waist and trademark Victoria sun glasses and re-invented outfits she's worn in previous years

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