Thursday, 30 September 2010

Andy Warhol

On Tuesday we went to the TATE in Liverpool. My favourite exhibition I have ever seen in the TATE was the Andy Warhol, even the room and space in which it was set was amazing to see with all the bright colours that he used so often in his work.

Unfortunately this time there was only one piece of his work, this was the Campbell's Black Bean soup can .
The reason I am interested in Warhol as an artist is because of the way his pieces look amongst other art. The use of bright colour always makes them stand out and makes the eye focus on them. He also used simple objects and shapes meaning his work is not confusing to look at.

My favourite piece of Warhol is his pop art piece of a pink and yellow cow. this is because the colours really clash and therefore make the small darker details on the cow itself stand out and show the entire piece of more.

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