Saturday, 4 September 2010

College work in Anglesey !

Whilst on holiday in Anglesey last weekend we found a fantastic little gallery in the seaside town of Beumaris. The Janet Bell gallery is a cross between a gallery of arts and craft and also sells the work.

My favourite pieces at the gallery were the beautiful ranges of jewellery. My favourite was by a designer called Emma Ginnever, who designs and hand crafts her beautiful silver and gold pieces in her workshop in Cornwall, her pieces are inspired by nature and her dreams as a child, which made me think again about my idea for a childhood based collection. She is said to give her collections a fairy tail like theme and she is often commissioned to make one off bridal pieces to accompany wedding dresses. I purchased a piece of this gorgeous jewellery as a gift for my mum, she also loves things inspired by nature and flowers as she is a florist, the collection we both particularly liked was the insect collection as without the use of colour the simple silver butterflies and dragonflies still looked magical and lifelike.

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