Thursday, 30 September 2010

My Girls got the moooovveess

Whilst also visiting the TATE, my girlie's decided to get there groove on !
In the exhibition on modern contemporary sculpture, a complete 70's disco set has been applied by artist DLA Piper. It includes multi-coloured lit dance floor, mirror balls, dramatic lighting and is surrounded by full length mirrors. By using lighting in this way the effect of more space is created making dancers feel like they have more room.

Wireless headphones were provided on entering the exhibit where it was possible to listen to 70's disco music and use the facilities to dance themselves . The girls jumped at the chance to show off their moves as well as bringing back some John Travolta moves, however to onlookers it looked very similar to a silent rave. Which made me wonder whether the artist was trying to create 2 contrasting styles of dancing.

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