Friday, 1 April 2011

Branding in Music Videos

Using branding in music videos has been a popular topic in the news recently, as apparently there is too much of it and it takes the attention away from the music you are meant to be listening too.

I decided to go way back to 1966, and look at a Frank Sinatra "fly me to the moon" video ( guilty pleasure) . Music videos then were very low key, and usually just consisted of a filming from a live recording or simple studio recording. No dancing around, or strobe lighting and not a brand name in site.

Compared to this I looked at Jennifer Lopez' new music video for "get on the floor". Which within the first thirty seconds of the video we get to brands clearly shown. I have snap-shot these to show how clearly obvious the brands are made to stand out.

By comparing the two music videos with over a 40 year time diffrence between, it is obvious how music videos are used in modern day. In the sixties they were used to promote the music and artist alone, however now with the rise of celebrity, music videos by big artists are used to promote as many brands as possible. This is because if a fan is made to think that the celebrity uses a certain brand, they will be enticed to purchase.

I wonder how Swarovski have done with takings this mothers day !!!

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