Friday, 29 April 2011

My Final Royal Dress Prediction

So with me now willing to put money on the fact that Sarah Burton is The Royal Wedding dress designer... here are 5 predictions of the Bride.

1. The colour - Off white/ivory, not only is the colour hugely popular in wedding dresses its also a big fashion trend for S/S 2011 and white is classed as very elegant which will suit kates style perfectly. Also by Kates previous wardrobe we know she can do bright white very well after the Reiss dress.

2. The dress will have some sort of sleeve, it is custom for royal wedding gowns to bare a sleeve, I think she may have a full length sleeve in a sheer fabric to update this rule slightly. She has been wearing the style for many of her dresses and jackets for recent events, showing she possibly prefers to cover the arm anyway. I think with both the length in her arms and legs would be suited to a long fitted sleeve anyway as it sticks to her tiny figure.

3. I think there will be some kind of embellishment on the dress, only very delicate and still very classy, but maybe crystals or stones of some description to add the princess touch. And if not crystals the dress will be embellished with some form of delicate embroidery or added texture or flowers into the fabric, this would especially be typical of a Mcqueen design.

4. Kate's hair will definitely be worn down and I think kept to her usual gentle curls. Especially after the comments made to her hairdresser, that she wanted William to still recognise her at the end of the aisle. She'll also be wearing some ind of crown/tiara , I think it will be a little for subtle and less heavy than the one worn my Diana though.

5. My final prediction is on the shape of Kates dress, I really do think she is going to go for something alot more slimline than expected from a royal wedding dress, I still think it will have some volume in the skirt (epically if it is McQueen) however no way near as big as that worn by Princess Diana, I'm also not 100% on if she will have a full veil as I don't know how this would suit Kate's style.

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