Monday, 21 March 2011

My Mums favourite piece of my work !?!

Slightly strange post, but these photo-shop pieces are the result of my research into Salvador Dali. He is famous for his surrealism style of art work. Surrealism art uses the element of surprise, with objects in the wrong places or being used in the wrong way.

Using photo-shop I have created my own kind of surrealism art inspired by Dali but in a more modern way.

I got my idea from my Mums floristry magazines, as they always contain really big colourful hand-ties. This is ideally how my collection will look, therefore I have combined fashion photography with full photographs of bouquets. By cropping resizing and using the lasso tool I have been able to keep the shapes and use them to look like real garments.

The element of surprise is that when you look at the image you are able to see the model is actually wearing the hand-tie.
This is my favourite piece of work I'm yet to create using photo-shop, I believe it's worked really well. I am thinking of using this technique for one of my promotional boards for my current brief.
My mum especially likes these images and has agreed to make me up some hand-ties in my specific colour scheme, to create more of these images.Check Spelling

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  1. THANKS! this helped me alotwith my homework.