Wednesday, 9 March 2011

window surfing ?

In desperate search of a party outfit for this summer, I happened to come across some really good website designs. Web layout is a huge promotion technique in fashion as it can really capture peoples attention and the higher the quality the more a customer is intrigued to look into the website further.

The first I came across was Kurt Geiger.
This welcome page draws on fashions current key colour trends, hot pink and cobalt blue, as well as using a 3D technique with the bird wing which is also a huge trend in cinema at the moment. By having a image as current as this its shows the company is also current and on trend which will impress customers and hopefully make them want to buy.

The second I looked at was French Connection, (mainly as I love pretty much all their summer range) although not as arty and colourful as KG, the web page is very clear and shows the brands concepts well. It will appeal to a wide range of customers too. As it has a collection of images all featuring different styles, meaning there is more chance you will see at least 1 thing you like.

This is the home page for ladies-wear and Reiss, I particularly liked this one as it is SO simplistic. White and Neutrals are huge for S/S and this shows that perfectly. Also by the "click to shop" link it makes achieving that style seem very quick and easy to do. I do also love the photography on this and their use of model as she also looks very natural and not overly airbrushed.

Lastly I looked at the Thomas Sabo website. Their website is greatly relevant to our current project as it uses illustration within the layout. For each themed set of charms a character is illustrated in that same theme this creates a really interesting website to look through. It also somehow makes the themes seem more alive and real. My favourite aspect however is the colour scheme , how everything is coloured in black and white and then just small injections of colour are made into the illustration or come from the jewellery images themselves.

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