Monday, 19 July 2010

What would Coco say !!!!!

From the shock of liking Galliano to the shock of disliking Lagerfeld !!!
I never thought I'd say it but the Chanel Fall 2010 couture show was a complete and utter let down, every year there has been a reinvention of the LBD and Lagerfeld has always stuck to the flirty but very chic look that Coco brought to Chanel herself. It is also a very Parisian look which is obviously another huge concept of Chanel.

This year I saw the main influence coming from Russian historical garments , for example fur cuffs and fur trims, royal blues, Burgundy reds, big shoulders and rich gold embroidery.
I made this link while watching Anastasia with my sister which is about a Russian princess and as soon as I saw the collection I instantly thought of the film.

Also some of the stiff tailoring and thick fabrics remind be of outfits worn by Russian Kozak dancers and officers as they wore very similar jackets which sometimes also included fur or gold embroidery .
There was the odd dress or jacket that hinted at more classical Chanel like the tweed jackets and a slightly disappointing attempt at the LBD from Lagerfeld . But all in all I don't think the fall show was a patch on the spring couture but I'm sure this wont stop me popping into Chanel on my next trip to Sloane street .


  1. i like the royal blue one with gold embelishment! and that red coat does look amazing. but its different than normal and its nice to have a change. =D

    and antanasia is like the best film ever i so fancy the cartoon guy ;)

  2. thank god i know you, other wise you'd scare me