Wednesday, 28 July 2010

1920's meets cruella de vil and burlesque

Jean Paul Gaultier

Full marks go to Jean Paul Gaultier , for using the widest variety of fabrics at Couture fashion week. He had Fur wraps, Leather suits, Velvet skirts, Silk capes, Lace corsets and Rubber ?!?

The rubber looked slightly less out of place when Dita Von Teese appeared as a model in the show, as probably the most famous burlesque dancer in the world , she is known for her quirky/sexy look, and she suited Gaultier's theme of french woman and french chic with her pale skin and vibrant make-up.In the show she wore a very elegant black sophia loren style dress, with beautiful draping on the hips, before completely stripping off into an iconic Gaultier corset encased in what looked like a black Swarovski crystal rib cage paired with seamed stockings. I have no idea how, but amazingly Dita Von Teese managed to make the outfit look classy at the same time as being sexy and very burlesque.
My favourite garment of the Gaultier show was the 1920's inspired flapper-esque dress/corset, the era was one of my favourites for fashion anyway but paired with the lingerie look and Gaultiers classic tights fits the garment was truly beautiful.
The strangest theme I got from the show was the Disney character Cruella De Vil, in the Disney non animated versions of the film the wardrobe for Cruella is very structured tailored or draped dresses in rich fabrics, strange head pieces and she ALWAYS had the long cigarette holder and little black heels .... as well as the obvious FUR.

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