Monday, 19 July 2010

I found my future wedding dress !!!! or one of them ;-)

Elie Saab
I have loved Elie Saab dresses ever since I came across them in 2004 when Victoria Beckham wore a beautiful lime green glittery dress with thin organza/chiffon fin's coming from V's at the back, the way the dress fell and moved looked incredibly elegant and ever since seeing that dress I followed Saab's collections to find more and more elegant dresses every year.

This years collection also looked fantastically elegant and I particularly liked how Saab stuck to a very subtle neutral colour palette but then using a bright red crimson colour on a dozen dresses to break up the collection slightly and show the designs still worked both in bold and dull colours.

I was also amazed to see Saab use pattern this season as the garment usually focus on embellishment or shape and texture . However the trio of patterned dresses not only ticked all these boxes but used a gorgeous almost blood stain affect but that looked like it had been (very skillfully) thrown over the gown to create a messy look but then the cut and style of the dress clashed with this by being very flowing and elegant all in all making a very unique look.

And Finally ... THE DRESS
I have not fallen in love with a dress this much since the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress in Sex and the city, as soon as I saw it I could not believe how beautiful it was. The colour, the shape, the fabric is all just perfect and a dress I dream my wedding dress to look something like ... so when Hugh Grant's ready with my Tiffany ring , give us a call :)

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