Sunday, 20 February 2011


As my new college brief is about how fashion can be communicated and promoted, I have decided to look into shop windows.
Working in Manchester I have a good selection to choose from, especially having the big designer shops such as House of Fraser, Selfridge's and of course Harvey Nichols.

2 weeks ago when walking past Selfridge's I was distracted by the vibrant colours of a huge peacock feather which looked as though it was gliding down the window. This was the new campaign window for Mac Make-up's Peacocky range. I instantly thought "I must get a picture" however as it was getting dark I put it of until the morning. Obviously the morning turned to a week and when I went to take the picture this weekend the window has changed.

However I am equally as impressed by the newest Mac window, Wonder Woman. A large image of the super female heroine now towers above customers as they pass the store, almost making the shop look like a comic strip.

This time I managed to get a picture, I really think this window promotes they new Mac stock really well as Wonder Woman is so icon and especially with current sexism issues in the news, its quite ironic to see a powerful woman being portrayed so boldly. Also having a window like this definitely makes you want to know what its promoting, as soon as I got home I went online to find the entire range of Mac/WonderWoman products !!!
I've got my eye on some new Lippy !

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