Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Window Shopping

So whilst out and about in Manchester on my lunch break, I got a few more photographs of current shop window displays.

staring with ZARA.
ZARA are known for their simplistic window displays,they usually use a black or white backdrop and exciting lighting , meaning that all the attention is on the clothes.
They also usually theme their display ideas on one of the seasons current trends.
Their current display I would say is probably inspired by the 70's trend. and mannequins have big hair and dark shades. The clothing is also very casual and laid back. Colour wise they have stuck to the white/neutral colour trend, this makes the window appear really clean and bright, attracting passers by attention.

Next I looked at the Louis Vuiton concession window at Selfridges.

The Vuiton window is highly glossy pillarbox red, to match its patent handbags on display, this works really well as it give the £D effect of the red handbags coming out of the wall. By then adding the odd patent black and purple bag, its depicts colour and makes the display bolder to the viewers eye. The arc shape that the bags are currently in also creates the illusion of a door, which almost welcomes you in.

And of course Harvey Nichols, it certainly helps when you work at the shop with the best windows in Manchester.
Continuing with the retro feel of their tinsel fest Christmas window, Harvey Nichols seem to also be working with the 70's theme by dressing their models in very laid back outfits and creating silhouettes which are iconic to the decade. the backdrop is very simplistic with black walls and diagonal and circular lighting . This is how you can see high street shops, copying higher end stores, as the Harvey Nichols window was done first week of January and then ZARA have created the same effect but slightly watered down just 1 month later.
Harvey Nichols are famous for their elaborate windows, my favourite one so far was Christmas 2009 which featured a huge crystal chandelier with mannequins and champagne bottle entangled inside it.

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