Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Brief !!

Started off with a new brief this week, this time based on illustration and the ways in which Fashion is communicated.

To start with I have decided to create a time-line of fashion communication, starting at 1892 and the first copy of Vogue in the USA, ... so far I am up to 1971, but I do a proper post on my time-line when I've finish the next 40 years !

For this project we have to create 2 promotion boards for our collection to each of the 4 market levels FAD, High Street, R-T-W and Couture. To gather ideas for these boards I have started to research fashion illustrators both past and present.

I have started by re-visiting Laura Laine, who I blogged about last year. Yet this time I'm trying to re-create her work, which she obtains with charcoal pencil and the miracles of photo-shop.

I started by trying to copy one of her original drawings.

Because I took the picture using my blackberry camera the brightness has been effected. Therefore when editing in photo-shop, I adjusted the colour and shadow to define the drawn details as well as filling in the background with white to give the clean bright contrast that Laine achieves.
I am really please with my effort to achieve a Laine style drawing and thing the photo-shop really helped, using the contrast setting has given her effect of dark and light really well, however I think Laine must use very small tools to define tiny details for example in the hair as I was not able to gain the same toned effect.

I think her style of drawing would be great for my Couture boards, as its quirky Tim Burton-esque feel would really compliment that style of clothing.

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