Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Spiral of Petals

My first design

This is the first design I have chosen from initial my 100. It was taken from my couture section and therefore will have to fit well, have high standard finishing, hand embellishments and fabulous fabrics.

I want this garment to almost look as if the model is wearing nothing, yet has (strategically placed) flowers wrapped around her.

To do this I will be using a basic dress shape in power-netting, which is a flesh colour stretchy fabric, and then adding dupion silk flowers, which I will gather and wined by hand and attach in a spiral up the dress. I will also add quilted and hand embroider leafs to add for texture and a splash of contrasting colour.

Here are some images of my samples to give a clearer idea of the detailing on the dress.
All the images in this post have been edited using photo-shop, not only to make them more interesting and clear to look at ... but because blackberry cameras are Rubbish !

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the real article.