Monday, 3 January 2011


It was only natural I had to purchase one last pair of shoes for 2010 ... at least trying to end the year on a high. Therefore Friday's lunch break at work consisted of a run to Kurt Geiger !
For the past 4 months I've been eyeing up leopard prints. It's a look that I think is very hard to pull off, as it can either look very tacky, or quite glam. Kurt Geiger had a few leopard prints in this season, from printed leather to pony skin. Obviously the better the fabric, the price goes up !I saw both above pairs in the shop, each of which I found fault with. The first pair were a synthetic hair, however the colour and print they had been dyed with looked very fake and therefore cheap, not to mention the pathetic excuse for a heel !
The second pair looked like they should of been from New Look, they were a woven fabric. The print was also very poor and didn't look realistic at all ! Also yet again the heel is just a few inches too small.

I found a pair in with the tallest skinniest heel, patent front platform, full pony hair and most realistic print and colour ... and here they are .

After posting them straight on to my facebook page, a fellow shoe-a-holic friend spotted them immediately, and as of now there is a size 5 pair travelling to her via Harrods !
These shoes have been THAT popular that there were only 2 pairs of sizes 5's left in the entire company. But who can blame her for wanting a pair .... they are Fabulous !

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