Saturday, 9 October 2010

Dressage !

On Wednesday Jean Paul Gaultier presented his final collection as head of Hermes. The collection itself was very subtle and elegant sticking to quite a muted colour theme, but with a slight edge of Gaultiers sexy trademark fitted bodice. It was also heavily influenced by equestrian wear as tailored leather jackets and silk jodhpurs were both key pieces in the collection.

I also picked up a slight Spanish influence as the hats and capes reminded me of the traditional wear for a Spanish Matador when in a bull fight.

My favourite piece from this collection was this floorlength chocolate leather design, as I think it represents Hermes very well as they are famous for their leather Birkin bag as well as it clinging quite tightly and showing a womanly silhoutette which keeps in tuning with Gaultiers femine look. I particularly like the veil/cape on this piece as it looks so fluid like and elegant.

Gaultier also featured half a dozen black thoroughbred horses in the set of his fashion show, I see this acting as symbolism for it being his last show, as black horses are regularly involved in funerals.

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